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  • Your businesses signature image as a header
  • Your businesses logo
  • An image gallery
  • Script allowing you to tell your businesses story, service capabilities, open hours even pricing if you want.
  • Google Maps displaying your service area
  • One click to email, call or text
  • Click to your existing website
  • Additional links to your social media profiles
If you need any help creating your account, please feel free to engage with us on the chat or send us a message on the contact page.

STEP 1: Select a Plan

per year
1 Location
*50% Annual Discount
Suits Shop Based Businesses
per year
10 Locations
*50% Annual Discount
Extra coverage for Mobile Trades & Services
per year
20 Locations
*50% Annual Discount
Full coverage for a large city

STEP 2: Enter Business Details

STEP 3: Enter Trading Hours

Trading Hours Quick Fill


STEP 4: Enter Payment Details

* NOTE: Credit card details are not stored with Glass Repair Near Me.

STEP 5: Add Images

Includes Access to All the Benefits

Geosensitive, preference free targeting

Glass Repair Near Me is an advertising space where we make it easy for customers to find the most suitable service supplier sorted in order of the closest supplier to the location of the customer.
This gives them direct and immediate contact with you, it makes no difference how small or large your business is, all advertisers are treated equally and there are no premium listings, if you are the closest suitable service supplier to the customer you are likely to be contacted by them.

Receive Free Leads

Customers wanting to receive quotes from local suppliers can fill in a brief form to receive quotes from the six closest suppliers to the customers location, we don’t send it to any more than six so the customer is not inundated with replies, and so you have a good chance of receiving the order.

Instant Connection From Your Customers

The home page on Glass Repair Near Me is the search results page, no forms, no more clicks, no waiting for call backs, we do this the old school way; Immediate contact information.

Flat Rate Fee, No Surprises

We take no commissions for your orders received through our website; you only pay for the advertising space for your selected service area/s.

Your first month of advertising is free on Glass Repair Near Me giving you time to experience the benefits of our advertising service, no strings attached, you can cancel at any time.

What Are You Waiting For?

Once you complete the “Register Your Business” form, you will have a login to your Advertisers Portal where you can view the traffic statistics for clicks on the search results page and your Profile Page.

Your Profile Page Created in Ten Minutes

If the customer wants to know more about your services they can click on your Profile Page; your Profile Page is a website in itself that will be indexed by search engines including Google as either a secondary website for your business creating a high quality backlink to your website, or as your only website if you don’t already have one.